The Chaldean Patriarchate Strongly Condemns Yesterday’s Bombing in Baghdad and Other Cities


Babel Patriarchate Media

Louis Raphael Sako, Chaldean Patriarch of Babylon

The Chaldean Patriarchate strongly condemns the shocking bloody bombings of Baghdad and other cities on Tuesday 11 May 2016. It is unfortunate that death would become a daily event for the Iraqis. It seems that the target is the Iraqi multicultural mosaic and our living together. So we urge the Iraqi government and all whom it may concern to be responsible for the security and safety of innocent citizens. Also, there should be an accountable listening to the citizens’ demand in achieving the political and economic reforms, which will relief them from all their fears and worries.

We also call on parliamentarians to take full historical and moral responsibilities and evaluate their tense stances for the sake of the future of the country. We do believe that Iraqis’ openness, patience, flexibility as well as their ability to dialogue with constructive understanding will help them to find a brave and civilized solution for the current crisis, before it will lead to further deterioration. We also appeal to the Muslim clerics and Christian clergy to unite their efforts in promoting a culture of tolerance, love and peace, away from all kinds of extremism that abuse and distort religion. This cooperation will be powerful in withdrawing the wave of fundamentalism and sectarianism as other crises receded in the past.
May God bless the martyrs with His mercy and the wounded victims with a quick recovery.



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