Congratulations with Appeal

Congratulations with Appeal

Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako

In my name and on behalf of the Church community, it gives me great pleasure to extend my sincere congratulations to our Muslim sisters and brothers, on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr al-mubarak with a heartfelt wishes that may God bless our beloved Iraq a prosper and peaceful returns.

Now, that you are celebrating this specific and religious feast after a month of fasting, self-controlling as well as practicing mercy, forgiveness, and reconciliation, seeking God’s “face” blessings, I would like to call upon the winning lists of 2018 Iraqi Parliament Election (regardless of  their sizes) to sacrifice for the love of Iraq and Iraqi people, in bearing their national and historical responsibility and do their best in saving our country from its’ current “dangerous” political and social crisis caused by election. Thus, the problem of fraud votes should be solved, otherwise, it will lead Iraq to a constitutional vacuum and an unknown future.

Hence, I am calling all of them to get together around “one table”, and having a courageous dialogue to prepare a work program for the “elected”  government, realistic and comprehensive in accordance with the objectives and prioritized national matters; find a clear mechanism for its implementation; and especially to speed up the forming of a “patriotic” government, a government that represents all Iraqis, a government based on law, integrity and deeds rather than on speeches, a government that improves services, such as electricity, water, roads and helps in reconstructing what have been destroyed.

Meanwhile we, as Iraqis, are “eagerly” awaiting for this initiative to open an important page in our life towards true reconciliation, peace, stability and reconstruction, Christians in all churches are praying these days to have a strong National Government that can lead Iraq to the port of peace and unity.

I wish you a happy Eid El-Fitre



الخبر نقلا عن موقع البطريركية الكلدانية


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