Statement on the Results of the Iraqi Parliamentary Election 2018

Statement on the Results of the Iraqi Parliamentary Election 2018

Louis Raphael Sako

I would like to start with a sincere congratulations and warmest wishes to our Muslim brothers in this holy month of Ramadan, asking God to make it an excellent opportunity for tolerance, forgiveness and reconciliation among Iraqis.

I also congratulate the winners of 2018 Iraqi Parliamentary Election and wish them success in assuming their full responsibilities in serving the country and the nation. I hope that they will soon form a “Civil, Democratic and Strong Government”. A government that: treat people equally; open a new page of balanced relations between all political alliances, away from patronage, bias and narrow ambitions; aim at improving Iraq at all levels by creating a political balance between all the active national forces on the ground, in order to reach the desired maturity in dealing with different views and attitudes.

I do anticipate that the new political process will: lead to the adoption of laws that safeguard citizens’ rights, liberties and dignities, equally; put the “sublime” national interest above all considerations; consolidate the unity of Iraqi people; and use all means to reconstruct the destroyed homes of the displaced families to speed up their return after such a long suffering.

Regarding Christian “Quota”
I urge Christians to learn a lesson from the result of this election, which came as a surprise due to well-known reasons, including, but not limited to: previous practices in fighting for Parliament seats as well as the “dropping” pre- and post-election; the unwillingness of Christians to vote as a result of lack of awareness; the large number of lists and candidates that led to the dispersion of votes; as well as the dependency factor. Once we put our finger into the wound, we will be able to develop a new vision and unite the stances to safeguard our small “quota” and its’ independence, which in turn protects our dignity and unity.

Finally, I congratulate the 5 Christian winners and hope that they will work as one team, to perform better. I would also encourage them to establish excellent relations with their colleagues in the Parliament in order to achieve the common goals that concern us all, regardless of national, partisan, religious and political affiliations.

Long live Iraq



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