Statement by the Chaldean Patriarchate


First, we would like to greet proudly the Iraqi courageous army, the federal police, the Peshmerga and the Popular Mobilization and coalition forces sharing in the liberation of Mosul and the towns of the Nineveh area. We affirm our support to them in this noble and difficult task and offer our daily prayers to Almighty Lord to protect them.
We wish that all occupied areas of Iraq to be freed quickly and with minimal human and material losses, to start the removing of the mines and the reconstruction process so to enable the displaced families to return to their homes, especially considering we are at the onset of winter

In this national occasion, we urge all Iraqis to take the most difficult choice, which is a real reconciliation necessary to maintain the unity of their homeland and to protect the lives of its citizens exhausted by ongoing conflicts. They are eager to be guaranteed full citizenship, equality in rights and duties and the respect of human rights.
They wish and expect a homeland for all its citizens of different creeds and nationalities, and a stable country in which relations are based on mutual respect, acceptance of differences and the rejection of extremism.

Lord Grant Iraq Peace



المصدر / موقع البطريركية الكلدانية


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