Petition to the Beloved Iraqis


Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako

As you all know, a lot of effort is currently placed on the preparations for liberating Mosul (one of the most important historical cities in Iraq) and Nineveh Plain. Therefore, I would like on this occation to speak, from the bottom of my heart, to our Iraqi family as a whole and mainly in Nineveh, regarding our common concerns and worries under such difficult and exceptional circumstances. Especially, that the voices of division, inflexibility and break up began to rise, which may impede the operations of release!

I strongly believe that we “Iraqis” are one family, despite of our different affiliations. Though, the current situation demands from all Mouslians, as is the case for all Iraqis, to bear a complete historical, national and moral responsibility in, building a balanced internal and external relationships; avoiding accusations and blame; putting an end to disputes; waivering self and factional interests; and upholding Iraqis’ benefit before and above everything else. This way enables us to pave the actual path for a real communal reconciliation, love, peace, and the release of all occupied lands. So, we as Iraqis, can retieve some confidence and hope for a quick solution to our long-standing dilemma, by the establishment of a genuine and civil democracy, that respects everyone in a peaceful and civilized means. This is the only way for our absolute recovery.

I also urge the international community to take concrete steps in order that Iraq and the region regain their security and peace. This kind of success would be a triumph for everyone and for the international well-being.

Finall, I pray: May God Protect us, Shorten our suffering, Preserve the purity of our human kinship and Watch over the unity of our beloved country.



المصدر / موقع البطريركية الكلدانية


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