Patriarch Sako Opened the 2018 Chaldean Synod

Patriarch Sako Opened the 2018 Chaldean Synod

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His Beatitude, Patriarch Cardinal Louis Raphael Sako started the first session of the annual Chaldean Synod at the Patriarchate Headquarters in Baghdad, on Wednesday, August 8, 2018 with a speech, in which he offered thanks to God for taking care of everyone in these difficult circumstances. His Beatitude also thanked the Synod Bishops for attending this annual gathering and hoped that it will signify an important turning point in the history of our Church.

The speech also shed the light on the main challenges facing Christians and the Chaldean Church in particular, stating concern about the delay in forming of the new Iraqi government; the escalation of protests; and the persistence of corruption mechanisms.

Besides, H. B. presented briefly the topics to be discussed in this Synod, such as electing new bishops for the vacant dioceses based on the agreed upon qualifications (leadership, educational, spiritual and transparency) as well as majority voting; discussing the situation of our dioceses, in Iraq and at the diaspora focusing on the main challenge; and sharing information about the financial situation at the patriarchate and related dioceses. transparently. 

The speech was concluded by sending “brotherly greetings” to the retired Bishops, who were absent: H.E. Ibrahim Ibrahim, H.E. Jacques Isaac, and H.E. Sarhad Jammu.

Subsequently, the 2018 Synod participants sent a letter to Pope Francis uttering their ongoing partnership with the Holy See and expressing their deep gratitude for his stances in promoting peace and stability in Iraq, Syria and the Region. They requested also His Holiness prayers and apostolic blessings for the Synod, faithful and all Iraqi people.

Afterwards, Bishops proceeded with their first session, following the listed topics in their agenda.



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