Iraqi Current Political and Constitutional Dilemma

Iraqi Current Political and Constitutional Dilemma

During such a political and constitutional “deadlock” caused by the failure of the Parliament to elect a Speaker, which in turn, delayed the process of electing both the Prime Minister and the Iraqi President as well as escalating the difficult and disturbing situation in the country. Therefore, and in order to prevent “chaos” and interference from abroad, we propose that the two “coalitions” who won the majority of votes in the latest election “Tahaluf Elbenaa” and the “Tahaluf El Eslah & Al-Emmar” nominate 3 figures for the 3 important positions in the Government, i.e. President for the Republic of Iraq, Prime Minister and a Speaker for the Parliament. This will lead to determine a certain date, preferably, as soon as possible and have the first official session for the newly sworn Parliament Members, in which they vote and choose from these nominees “the right person at the right place” in terms of the most appropriate candidate, who should be capable, honest, decision maker and ready to serve people, responding to their daily needs and concerns, for instance, to resolve the problems of Basrah. This is the only way for the decision makers to confront sectarianism and make their choice Iraqi 100 percent.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Now, is the time to learn from previous mistakes, including: conflict tragedies, impact of ISIS invasion, injustice and displacement, sectarian discrimination, corruption, unemployment, uncertainties and worries.

Now, is the time to live in peace, stability, freedom and dignity, so that every Iraqi should contribute to build peace and security.

Now, is the time to respect human rights and “every human being” to achieve equality and social justice, away from double standards to put things in the right way.



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