H. B. Patriarch Sako Participating in a Task Force to Discuss the Future of Iraq on 17-19 Oct 2017, Berlin – Germany


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His Beatitude Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako accompanied by His Excellency, the Auxiliary, Bishop Basilio Yaldo, to participate in a Task Force to Discuss the Future of Iraq on17 -19 Oct 2017, Berlin – Germany
The meeting was organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, which is affiliated with the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party in Germany. Iraq. The moderator was the US Ambassador, Mr. Rayan Crocker. The Topic was as Mr. Crocker stated to present a vision to the new American administration about the future of Iraq and especially the minorities.
In presentation, H.B. the Patriarch focused on:
· Certain areas of Iraq are still occupied by ISIS (Daesh), where civilians are killed, slaughtered, millions displaced, homes are ruined and infrastructure destroyed on daily basis, serving the Western political agenda. Therefore, the “responsible” Western countries should make an effort to stop such daily suffering of our people, support the liberation of all our lands and enhance the chances of reconciliation by pursuing a peaceful resolution for the conflicts. We hope the release of Mosul and the Nineveh plain that has started will be successful. I hope there will be a clear, wise and unified vision based on the reality, which will enable to clean up the aftermath mess and to help achieving peace that brings back stability to this part of the world with less bloodshed, damage and refugees. I hope the release of Mosul and the Nineveh plain that has started will be successful. This is a sign of hope for all of us.
· After the liberation and putting an end to these conflicts, the involved Western governments should assist in bringing back the refugees to their homes; securing areas of conflict; providing full protection for them; restoring their rights and properties; contributing to the reconstruction of towns, cities; compensating the resulted damage; and the revival of cultural and religious heritage of all its’ components.
· Then, Iraqis will be able to outline a realistic vision for their future, based on an overall national reform and development roadmap, through a civil and quiet dialogue framed by their national, ethical and political conviction, away from the mentality of conflicts and taking revenge.
· In Iraq and there is a need to establish a standard of citizenship in which all persons are integrated in dignity and equality regardless of their religion or ethnicity. UN and other institutions should push for changing constitutions and respecting human rights. Freedom and democracy are projects for all. No force in the world can impose it with weapons. Religion and state must be separated.
Regarding the situation of Christians,
H.B. stressed the importance of being wise, rational and realistic, and to stop neutrality and watching, but rather taking responsibility in participating and having a positive impact on making changes that is consistent with their aspiration. This way, Christians can have their rights away from discrimination and intolerance through a dialogue with our partners in the homeland.
H.B. Concluded that in order for Christians to survive, it is necessary for them to engage in the political process and to participate energetically in activities that seek building and developing our homeland based on citizenship, respect for the law of rules and responsibilities, and the activation of equality, freedom and national partnership values.
Briefly, what we need is to be encouraged to stay with a hope of a promising future. Iraqi Christians love their land, where their roots extend to thousands of years and would like to stay here, no matter what.



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