H. B. Patriarch Sako meets with Deacons and parishioners of San Diego Churches

As his trip is coming to an end, his beatitude Mar Lewis Rafael Sako wanted to have a last meeting with the parishioners of St. Peter cathedral and St. Michael church. So, on Thursday September 7, 2017 at 6:00pm the church hall was packed with people who came to see their leader and hear from him. People asked and his beatitude answered about topics ranging from the church in Iraq and the challenges it faces to the Chaldean church outside of the mother land and the future. Patriarch Sako was candid in his response to the questions and stressed the Chaldean nationality that unites all Chaldeans to their church and to one another anywhere in the world.
He also thanked the Chaldeans of San Diego to the warm reception they showed him and asked them to show that same warmth to the new installed bishop, Emmanuel Shaleta.
We wish his beatitude a safe trip home and ask the Lord Jesus to bless him with good health to continue his mission of serving his people.
Report: Wisam Jaadan
photo by Nasrat Damman



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