Chaldean Patriarchate: Christians Joining Muslims, in Fasting One Day of Ramadan, to Promote Peace, Fraternity and Help the Displaced

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In the midst of the ongoing conflicts raging in Iraq, the Chaldean Church is calling the Christians to fast on Friday 17 June 2016, in solidarity with the fasting Muslims during this month of “Ramadan”. We will fast and pray together for peace and stability in our country and the region. We also call our faithful to assist the displaced and affected families in order to promote the culture of love, fraternity and harmonic co-existence.

Since the terrorist attack against different Iraqi cities, and the crisis of the refugees’ displacement by ISIS "Daa’sh", the Chaldean Church and other Iraqi Churches are playing their humanitarian, national and spiritual role in helping the affected people without exception through: Distribution of food baskets to refugees many times in several camps; provision of drugs to clinics; organizing “Iftar” dinner for fasting Muslims; reception of university students; as well as the unceasing offers in all the above mentioned areas from "Caritas-Iraq".

The Chaldean Patriarch, his Auxiliary Bishops and collaborators have decided to fast on this particular day.

All our parishes in Iraq have been informed.

Let us keep praying for peace in Iraq, Syria and the region.



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